Plant Health Care – A Leading Provider of Naturally Based Products

Plant Health Care is a leading provider of scientifically proven biological products for the agricultural industry. The Company offers products to improve the health, vigour and marketable yield of major global crops such as:

  •    Field Crops –  rice, sugar cane, maize, cereals, soybeans, potatoes, sunflower and cotton
  •    Fruits & Nuts – tomato, cucumbers, peppers, grapes, apples, plums, cherries, citrus, macadamia, almonds, olives, mangoes and avocados
  •    Vegetables – onions, carrots and leafy vegetables
  •    Turf and Ornamentals

Our innovative line of patent-protected products provides both economic and environmental benefits for our customers and capitalizes upon long-term trends towards natural systems and biological solutions to promote plant health and growth.

Plant Health Care has global reach through a range of local distributors and supply agreements with major industry partners.

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