PLANT HEALTH CARE® Press Release: Announcing Agreement with Talc U.S.A.

Plant Health Care Announces Agreement with Talc U.S.A. To Launch a New Product for the US Corn Market

Dec 14, 2016: Plant Health Care, Inc. and Talc U.S.A. are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the distribution of a new product for the US corn market.

The new product, Inceptive™, will be marketed and sold by Talc U.S.A. and will contain Plant Health Care’s patented Harpin™ αβ technology. Talc U.S.A., a leading supplier of seed lubricants and inoculants in the US corn market, has a network of over 1500 dealers servicing the US corn market. Plant Health Care’s Harpin αβ technology has proven benefits for corn growers; together creating outstanding market synergy.
Inceptive works by triggering the corn plant’s own self defense systems, in a manner similar to vaccinations in humans. The plant responds with improved vigor, healthy growth, heightened defense response and, ultimately, increased yield. Being a biological product, Inceptive has a very favorable human and environmental safety profile.

Mike Cloutier of Plant Health Care noted: “This is an excellent opportunity for Plant Health Care to access the very large corn market. Many corn growers add a lubricant such as talc to their planters and Talc U.S.A. has some of the highest-grade seed lubricants on the market today. The fact that Harpin αβ is compatible with talc means that corn growers will have access to this effective technology.”
Steve Johnson of Talc U.S.A. added: “We are pleased to be working with Plant Health Care, a science-based technology company, to create an opportunity for US corn growers to improve their crops and increase their yields in a simple, cost effective way using the unique Harpin αβ technology. Inceptive, our private label product which will be mixed with talc prior to application to seed, fits well with our overall company strategy and will be rolling out on a limited basis in 2017.”

For further information, please contact:

Talc U.S.A.
Cory Hill
National Sales Director
Tel: +1 (701) 936-1926
Plant Health Care, Inc.
Mike Cloutier
VP of US Commercial Development
Tel: +1 (901) 355 3907